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We are a Network of Process Servers, Paralegal Investigators in Puerto Rico With Over 25 Years in Business. Serving Clients Throughout The United States & The Caribbean Since 1995.

Over 50k papers served since 1995. It's Not Just A Job, It's An Adventure

Being served can be an emotional experience so it is imperative that professional process servers approach people with respect and be well versed in the rules of civil procedure.

Insufficient Service of Process Can Cause The Lawsuit to be Dismissed.

In Puerto Rico, notifying someone that they have been sued in a civil lawsuit happens with a legal procedure known as “service of process.” Service of process describes the complicated system of statutes, rules, and regulations that must be strictly obeyed both by the plaintiff and those acting on his behalf (process server). Please read our full article "Don't Risk Your Case Being Dismissed by a Inexperienced Process Server" by Julio E. Menchaca Valentín, BSCJ, Paralegal.

Julio Menchaca Valentín is the general manager of Paralegal & Process Server of Puerto Rico. His background of 15 years as a paralegal litigator, investigator in New York, fully bilingual in Spanish and English. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from New York Institute of Technology.

Legal Counsel

Jerohim Ortiz Menchaca, Esq.

Communication Specialist, Advisor on public policy communications, House of Representatives of Puerto Rico (2016), Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico (2016), Press and Public Relations management advisor Senate of Puerto Rico. Editor & News Reporter Uno Radio Group (2015)


University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras

Bachelor's degree Mass Communication/Media Studies

2009 - 2012

Inter American University School of Law

Doctor of Law - JD . Law

2013 - 2016

Our Network is Composed of Former Puerto Rico Police, U.S. Marshals Agents. Knowledgeable in The Rules of Civil Procedure in 50 States & U.S. Territories.

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Insufficient Service of Process Can Cause The Lawsuit to be Dismiss