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Process Serving fees normally includes up to 3 attempts per address, and additional attempts are charged at a per attempt basis as per quote. In the event we cannot locate the defendant at the address provided by the client or when the person goes into hiding to avoid being served additional fees apply for the following services.

People Locate Service

We can access hundreds of databases at one time, all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

In order to begin we will need one or more of the following if needed:

• the person's name

• date of birth

• social security number

• last known address

• photograph or video

An Affidavit of Due Diligence is made to attest to the investigative efforts and services to make accurate in a legal matter. It is most commonly drafted by a process server who has unsuccessfully made attempts to personally serve a defendant(s) with legal papers. The affidavit will set forth the attempts made to serve the person, such as times and date of attempted service, efforts to locate the person through neighbors, and much more. The purpose of such an affidavit is to show the court that all legal obligations to discharge a duty have been met, and possibly may justify alternative measures, such as service by publication pursuant with Rule 4.6 of the Puerto Rico Rules of Civil Procedure.

Rule 4.6 of the Puerto Rico Rules of Civil Procedure (“Rule 4.6”) provides as follows:

Service by publication

(a) The court shall issue an order providing for a summons by publication when the person to be served is outside of Puerto Rico or if in Puerto Rico, cannot be located although pertinent attempts have been made to locate him/her, or when the person goes into hiding to avoid being served, or if it is a foreign corporation with no resident agent, and it is proved to the satisfaction of the court through an affidavit stating the steps taken, and said statement or sworn complaint filed states that justifies the granting of some relief against the person to be served or that said person is the proper party in the suit action.

We also provide the client legal technical assistance in the process of service by publication. Newspaper publication fee is not included in the people locate service.